Lineage Logistics (PFS)


Richland, WA

Scope of Work

Slab Flatwork, Tilt Up Panels, Loading Dock Slabs, Densifier Installation, Exterior Paving

More Info

The PFS Project consists of a 450,000SF, 125’ tall rack-supported building with 18” thick structural slabs and 3 separate freezers totaling in 315,000SF. The slabs were completed in 7 total pours and achieved a FF75/FL45 flatness exceeding the specifications. Other work includes 125,000SF of tilt up panels, loading dock slabs, densifier installation, and 500,000SF of exterior paving. The facility expanded to 5 freezers in 2019 and includes a super-flat high occupied freezer.

Lineage Logistics (PFS) Building
Poppoff worker smoothing concrete slab floor
Concrete slab installation
Concrete pumps placing concrete slab
Leveled, fresh concrete slab with two concrete pumps
Concrete pumps at slab job site with sunset
Concrete slab on grade
Concrete pump pouring concrete into steel rebar
Leveled, fresh concrete slab with two concrete pumps

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